Gullkorn fra Petter Solberg


“I had a very big fart, and suddenly I fucked off the road”
“I had a stop in the start”
“I had to go off the road,to save the car”
“It wåss dæven døtte meg close ass.. vell vell,vi have to see how the rest of the race go”
“I drove over the hill”
“I’m driving round the corner, and crash in the christmas tree.”
“It’s not the fart that kills you, it’s the smell”
“I had bad pigs in my dekk”
“It was a moose in the engine”
“But but, it is’t only only you know”
“It wåss so møch dog on the window”
“It’s not only only, but but ”
“It was werry werry funny”
“He is my wife in the car ehh….no sex”
“I drived and then it was a sving and a sving til så a stein and pang i drived rett in the juletre”
“When I keim around the corner, it all went to Hælvette”
”The car understyrt ænd i was going strait fram”
”I came with a great fart and dishappered as a prikk in the sky”
“I’m slædding utafor the kænt”
“I just take full fart and Drive ”
”The rat is loose”

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